• Alex Petunin is an architect and industrial designer, a sculptor. He was born January 30, 1986 in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he lives and works at the moment.
    He has a Master of Architecture (SPSUACE, 2009), and he is a multiple participant of international design exhibitions (Moscow, London, Milan, Beijing), a winner of 2 international design awards, a founder of his own design studio interiors “oneione design”.
    My philosophy is to fill the world by the forms I live. Through my creation, I try to show the beauty of the world inside me. This is a material expression of my spiritual essence. In sculpture, I try to catch the beautiful curves and reflections, in the design, I try to give the best ergonomic features to the forms.

  • It is beautiful. It is natural for me, and this is a sense of my life. Everything I create is a reflection of my inner world and destiny of my life.
    You will not find straight lines in nature, and my soul draws them as naturally, answering its purpose. I feel and see reality so.
    I never cease to marvel at the beauty of reflections in the curved surfaces, play of light and shade on them. When I see the flat and rectangular objects, my mind finishes drawing of their deformation. This way many things are born from those that I create. Many things are born in the process of reflection on the forms. Bright colors also reflect the diversity and freedom. It is life itself, all the colors are in nature.
    Today, in order to get this or that color, you need to select the color scheme and paint the thing. In the future there will be enough just to think about it...

  • ...I believe in the future, and I believe in human genius. And in fact that it will erase all borders and subdue the time, space and matter. This is already happening with 3D printing technologies, we have become much freer in terms of creating forms.
    Everything I do reflects my idea of freedom. Freedom of creation which mankind will acquire in the future. Once it will be the day when you do not need to think about the form and function, any thing will be able to take one or another qualities because of the programmable matter, which will be subject to the power of mind. According to the needs the supercomputer will find the optimum shape of things itself. The knife you take will be ideal to put into your hand. A chair, on which you will sit down, will take to you a perfect, streamlined shape. Your clothes will change the thermal conductivity of air and water permeability, shape depending on the weather…

  • My creations are like the frozen form of the future. Something that took an ideal shape and frozen. As the thing which has been created by the mind in response to the needs of human nature. I see this as the future of design, and I try to bring it to the existing technologies of 3D-modeling and 3D-printing. I try to create something that is perfectly adapted to the needs of a particular person, by the space and shape, which is intended for the subject. From modern technology, I try to get the maximum which they able to and make unique things that can only be created in our time.

  • In the process of creating the things first I use my mind, then the 3DS Max. So the forms which are born in my head come to life digitally, and then the material world. I use a bunch of 3DS Max + V-Ray + Photoshop to visualization.
    From the models that I create, it is easy to make completed things by 3D-printing and 3D-cutting. It is also possible to create the shape of the object from a plurality of layers of MDF, plywood, cardboard or plastic material by laser cutting or milling.
    Further objects can be made by molding in a reverse form of the polymers, plaster, concrete or by vacuum molding.
    In AutoCAD and Solid Works we make construction design and do calculations of strength if it is necessary.